It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s super!

Max Murner poses in his superhero costume.

Olivia Miller helps tie Nicholas Miller’s cape around his neck.

Crystal Burns watches her daughter Maci cut out a big star as she holds her other daughter, Emily.

Tariq Elkhamiri cuts out a Batman emblem to put on his cape.

Mikayla Standen ties a piece of sting to her mask so she can wear it without it falling off.

Anna Wright cuts out a lightening bolt to make a unique emblem of her own.

Blake and Max Murner color the shields that will become part of their superhero costumes.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

Crime-fighters perfected their costumes last Thursday at the Herrick Memorial Library, creating everything they need to protect Wellington from the forces of evil. They crafted capes, masks, shields, and wrist bands. Janet Frye, leader of the children’s summer reading program, said the hope is to have the children take what they made to the superhero training camp July 23 at Wellington town hall. While there, children will try to lift weights, knock down a brick wall, rescue people and animals, and more.