Hemlock Cottage searches for new location

Leaky floors, walls, and ceilings may force Hemlock Cottage Furniture to close its Wellington location.

Business owner Blair Hodgson is trying to work out a deal with the building’s landlord, Wellington Investment Properties, to have the issues addressed. He said little to no progress has been made to remedy the situation.

“If we can’t get it solved we’re going to have to leave,” Hodgson said.

He’s had the “store closing” sign outside his business for about three weeks but hasn’t fully advertised the sale yet. He believes Hemlock will be out of the building by October if something isn’t worked out.

“We’ve put up with this for a long time but it’s getting worse,” he said.

Although he isn’t exactly sure what’s wrong, Hodgson believes exterior repairs need to be made.

He admits that the landlord made an attempt to fix the leaky building. Yet Hodgson said it seemed to only make the problem worse.

Now he’s hunting for another location. While Hodgeson said he doesn’t want to leave Wellington, there’s no place in the village big enough to house his furniture business.

“We’d really rather stay here if we could work out a deal with (Wellington Investment),” he said.

Customers have expressed concerns to Hodgson and don’t want to see the store close.

“The response from our customers is, “Please don’t leave,” so we’re trying for everybody’s sake to keep it going,” Hodgson said.

The Enterprise reached out to Kimberly Tweardy of Wellington Investment Properties but she didn’t return calls.

Kelsey Leyva can be reached at 440-647-3171 or @TWE_KelseyLeyva on Twitter.