Union Cemetery funding unevenly split

Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise Village finance director Karen Shaw explains to council, township trustees, and the cemetery board how the numbers break down for taxpayers in the village and the township.

Taypayers won’t see any increases related to the Union Cemetery’s funding for 2016 after a vote at the tail end of June, even though it might appear that way.

Wellington residents’ tax dollars will account for about 82 percent or $53,688 of the cemetery’s funding, which means the township will only contribute about 18 percent or $11,880 to the budget.

Village council had a joint meeting with the township trustees and cemetery board to discuss the possibility of altering a resolution council passed in May.

Finance director Karen Shaw presented an option she and village manager Steve Pyles worked out, which would have required 0.1 mills from the village to go directly to Shaw’s office, 0.3 mills from the township, and an additional 0.3 mills from the village to go to the township.

That would have generated a total of $47,672 for the cemetery and made the contributions a 75-25 split between the village and the township.

Problems arose when discussing what would happen to the left-over 0.2 mills that the village wouldn’t be paying to the cemetery.

Council members Sandy Denes and Steve Maurer believed the money should stay in the village and possibly go into the general fund, but Linda Navarre, fiscal clerk for the cemetery, believed that money belonged to the township.

A consensus could not be reached so council decided not to amend the resolution it passed back in May.

That resolution calls on the village to give a total of 0.6 mills and the township to pay 0.3 mills. The cemetery will receive $65,568 in 2016.

Shaw said county auditors will keep an eye on the situation and if they think the village is collecting too much in taxes for the cemetery, they can reduce it as needed.

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