Terms set for sale of old McCormick school

Just a few signatures and a $10 check are needed to make the transfer of McCormick Middle School official.

A memorandum of understanding was approved June 29 by the Wellington board of education, outlining the terms of sale to the village.

The school district will be responsible for the demolition and removal of all structures sitting on the approximately 4.7 acres of land on South Main Street. It will also need to remove any hazardous materials such as asbestos.

The village wants the district to salvage any playground equipment, the 100-year-old sandstone archways, decorative items that are part of the school’s facade, and some brick.

Wellington officials also want the sidewalks and decorative lighting to be left intact.

Within 60 days of the demolition, the board and the village have to finalize the $10 sale of the property.

The memorandum also outlines what the village plans to do with the property once the transfer is complete — for a minimum of 30 years, the land has to be used as green space, a public park, or a recreational facility that will be named McCormick Park.

Village manager Steve Pyles said he isn’t exactly sure what will be done with the land, but mayor Barbara O’Keefe wants to have a series of meetings to find out what the community wants to see included in the area.

“I think there is pretty broad support to make the front yard still look like the front yard,” he said.

Pyles said those meetings may not start until August or September but he’s glad the village is acquiring the land.

“Our downtown activities are growing to the point where they’re almost overflowing the available space we have around the town hall, so it’ll be good to have additional space and amenities within walking distance for even more of our residents,” he said.

Kelsey Leyva can be reached at 440-647-3171 or @TWE_KelseyLeyva on Twitter.