$4K donated to autism cause at band reunion show

Staff Report

Concert-goers turned out their pockets July 23 to help a worthy cause as the Midnite-Express Band reunited at the Wellington Eagles Club.

About 700 people crammed inside to hear Al Pasadyn (lead guitar), Gerald Hawley (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Kim Bryant (lead vocals), Butch Marks (bass guitar), and Jeff Miller (drums) play for the first time in 25 years.

In a show dubbed “One Last Ride,” the band played pro bono so the Eagles could give more to Milestones Autism Resources, a local autism outreach organization serving Northeast Ohio.

The Eagles gave $2,000 to Milestones rep Allison Peterson. Michael Whary, a teen with autism who has worked with the organization, walked through the crowd with a donation jar and found another $2,000 in gifts.

The concert fundraiser was scheduled as part of a yearlong celebration of the Eagles Club’s 100th anniversary.

The Midnight-Express Band thanked Wellington Music Inc., which loaned sound equipment and a sound engineer for the event.

Staff Report