People, pets frolic in Findley Lake

Lady Bird and Tippy Ta run through the water to chase down a flying disc.

Leena Pridemore plays with her dog Tippy Ta in Findley Lake at Findley State Park.

Tippy Ta and Lady Bird play together in the water.

Randy Pridemore tosses a flying disc for his dogs Lady Bird and Tippy Ta to leap out of the water and catch.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

The beautiful weather attracted people and their pets Thursday to Findley State Park. Randy and Leena Pridemore took their two dogs Lady Bird and Tippy Ta to the beach for a quick dip in Findley Lake. Leena said it was the first time this summer the temperature was just right to jump in the water with her dogs. The Pridemores threw balls, sticks, and a flying disc for their dogs to chase down and splash around with in the water.