Dogs really are man’s best friend

Shona claims her prize.

Lynn Patterson shows chilren pictures of the first war dogs back in 1942.

Patterson shows children the vest Shona wears when she’s helping a search team find a missing person.

Shona can be silly just like a person, Patterson laughs.

For behaving during the presentation, Shona gets a treat.

Noah Patterson tries to get Shona to stand on her hind legs by enticing her with a treat.

Shona sits while Patterson reads stories about the dog.

Claire Patton gently pets Shona after the presentation.

Noah Patterson tries to gets the ball from Shona.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

A dog of all trades visited the Herrick Memorial Library recently to show children in the summer reading program how canines can be heroes too.

Lynn Patterson of the Ohio Special Response Team and her grandson, Noah, showed Shona, a border collie-Australian shepherd mix, to explain to kids the various jobs their smart dog is able to do.

Shona is a therapy, search and rescue, post-traumatic stress disorder, and companion dog. She visits people in nursing homes and helps search teams find missing people. Patterson told the children stories about the rescue missions Shona participated in and gave tips on what to do if they ever got lost.