Tour is first time in McCormick for some on BoE

Project manager Fred Kruse talks to Lois Wulfhoop, Jacquie Dovin, and Tim Wulfhoop as they walk through the unfinished gym.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise Ozanne Construction project manager Fred Kruse opens the door to let board members Lois Wulfhoop, Jacquie Dovin, Sally Stewart, and former treasurer Brad McCracken into the new McCormick building.

Wellington Schools business manager Tim Wulfhoop talks to the board and administrative members as they look at one of the new classrooms.

Sporting beat up tennis shoes and rain boots, the Wellington Schools board of education toured the new McCormick Middle School during its meeting Monday evening.

For vice president Jacquie Dovin and members Ayers Ratliff, Sally Stewart, and Lois Wulfhoop, it was the first time they stepped foot in the building since construction began last April.

Those seeing the inside for the first time smiled as they walked from room to room, asking questions about the size and capacity of some areas and what they’ll be used for when the project is complete.

“I was impressed with how much they’ve completed already and I loved all the natural light that’s going to be coming into the school,” Wulfhoop said. “It exceeded my expectations and it’s totally different going through it than seeing it on paper.”

Ratliff was especially impressed with the library on the second floor of the building.

“The library is unbelievable,” he said. “A new building like this give you so much more desire to learn because it’s new and beautiful.”

Dovin, Stewart, and Wulfhoop agree the library was one of their favorite aspects of the new building.

Wulfhoop and Dovin were also excited to see the progress of the auditorium.

“The auditorium is just going to be off the charts,” Wulfhoop said. “It’s huge and I think it will be state of the art.”

Ratliff lamented that eighth grade students won’t get to attend the new building.

Superintendent Dennis Mock said he plans to schedule tours for the public in the near future, most likely after Independence Day.

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