Glock purchase replaces rifles, pistols

By Jon Delozier -

A rifle trade-in is putting new Glocks in the hands of Wellington police.

Chief Tim Barfield has used a budget surplus to upgrade his officers’ arsenal: “What we had were good rifles, but not traditional police rifles,” he said. “They were purchased in late 2001, so it’s fair to say that they had some years on them. It was just the right time for the move.”

Using the trade-in, police decided to replace their sidearms as well.

“We weren’t originally looking to upgrade the pistols,” Barfield said. “We had some mechanical problems with the old ones, and that was taking away from the confidence of our officers.”

“After trading in what we had, Glock allowed us to get 20 new 9mm pistols for about $2,000. It was too good to pass up in terms of the price, and in terms of the confidence that had deteriorated in our old models.”

Ballistic testing by the FBI has determined that newly-manufactured 9mm ammo can have the same effectiveness as 40 or 45-caliber weapons, according to Barfield.

“We’re talking about ammo that will have the same impact, and 9mm weapons that are easier to handle and control,” he said. “Not to mention that 9mm ammo is much cheaper than what we were previously using. All in all, a number of factors came together at just the right time for this to happen.”

By Jon Delozier