Sinkhole stopped on South Mill, officials say

By Jon Delozier -

Nothing but unpredictable Ohio spring weather is holding up sanitary sewer repair on South Mill Street, according to Wellington village manager Steve Pyles.

“We noticed a sinkhole forming in the area when we began excavating, and that also complicated things a bit. But that is already repaired,” said Pyles. “The sinkhole formed over a long period but was accelerated by the spring thaw.”

Crews are finishing a job that was thought to have been done years ago but had underlying problems that slowly caused the sinkhole to form.

“The defective area is now encased in concrete, and that should solve that aspect of the repair,” said water and sewer superintendent Mark Rosemark. “Now, it’s just a matter of fixing the lines that were disturbed in the process of digging down to fix the original trouble area.”

Pyles added the cost of parts to fix the area amounts to just $200 and that a less serious repair is also needed on a storm tile in the area. The tile could have also played a part in the sinkhole’s formation.

“We caught the sinkhole before it was getting to the point where it could have become a safety hazard for residents,” Pyles said. “It was well on its way to getting to that point, though.”

Public works superintendent Bob Brasee was also adamant that the problem is being solved before it could reach a critical level.

“We’ve had our eye on this for a long time,” he said. “We purposely didn’t pour concrete over the area last year because we wanted to be able to physically see what was happening underneath. Once we saw the ground begin to shift, it gave us a much better idea of where to start.”

While the deep sanitary sewer was the main culprit, Brasee also pointed to the defective storm tile and manhole covers that needed to be resealed.

“We went ahead and sealed up everything that was in need of it,” he said. “We’re lucky that Wellington is able to handle situations like this in-house instead of using an independent contractor. A three-man crew that I am very confident in is handling this job and it gets done much more efficiently when it’s done through the village. Now we just have to hope the weather holds up. We lost about a week’s time with the snow.”

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By Jon Delozier