Power substation to cost estimated $2.1M

Wellington village council member Sandy Denes

A $2.1 million power substation will be built to help prevent catastrophe.

Wellington already has two electrical substations but a third is needed to keep residents safe should either fail — especially on the hottest days of summer when air conditioning is needed to ward off dangerously high temperatures, according to village manager Steve Pyles.

That’s why the village has hired GPD Group, an engineering firm, to draw up plans to build a new substation on Erie Street to the south and west of the Sterling Foundry.

“It’s in design right now and in specifications because there’s a lot of pieces of equipment that will have to be bought,” Pyles said.

The project is still in its infancy and only land surveys have been completed to date.

Village council member Sandy Denes said she hoped to have design layouts about a month and a half ago. Officials are still waiting, though, to hear from GPD.

For that reason, a construction start date has yet to be determined. Denes said the project was originally slated for sometime in 2015 or 2016 but that may not be possible now.

Also undecided at the moment is how much work village workers might be able to contribute.

If the village electric department does part of the job, it could shave $300,000 off the estimated price tag.

Pyles said the substation will take at least two construction seasons to complete.

Once underway, it is not expected to cause any major disruptions for village residents.

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