$158K water project to start next month

Wellington finance director Karen Shaw

A leaky water line will soon close Johns Street between Union and Kelly streets to through traffic.

Workers will begin in about a month to replace the old cast iron water line that is prone to failure, Wellington village manager Steve Pyles reported to council Monday.

The project will cost a little more than $158,000.

A portion of the cost is being covered by the Ohio Public Works Commission through its Ohio Small Government Capital Improvements Program.

The commission covers 39 percent of the price tag with a grant and a loan. Each is about $31,000.

Officials voted last year to pay the difference, which is roughly $96,000, according to finance director Karen Shaw.

Pyles said he isn’t aware of any leaks in the pipe right now, but it has leaked several times in the past.

“If you drive down Johns Street you’ll see a number of points in the roadway where we’ve had to dig it up to fix it,” he said.

Part of the project also involves changing the location of the line.

“We’re going to relocate it actually out of the roadway and into the tree lawn so if we have a problem with it in the future it’s less disruptive,” he said.

Pyles estimates it will take workers about four weeks to complete the project.

Most of the work will be done in the tree lawn so detours for residents or emergency vehicles are not expected to be be needed.

“There may be some times where we have to come across somebody’s driveway apron, but we’ll fill it in with gravel so they can get in and out of their driveways,” Pyles said.

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