Children splash and play at Wellington rec park

Emma Karkoff runs through the arch of water.

David Norris flinches as he tries to make it through the arch created by the water and Kaylah Karkoff fills a water bottle to use in the water fight.

Jaidun Kemp shriks after Natalee Smith pulls him through the cold water spraying out of the arch.

Sarg tries to drink the water as it sprays out of the ground at the splash pad at Wellington Community Park.

Natalee Smith chases Jaidun Kemp around the splash pad.

Emma Karkoff gasps as she runs through the cold water at the splash pad at Wellington Community Park.

David Norris laughs as he runs through the spray.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

Children ran through cool water Thursday at the Wellington Community Park splash pad. Water was sprayed in every direction, cooling the kids and one dog off on a hot, sunny afternoon.