Cabin demolition will allow cemetery expansion

Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise The old log house at 510 Courtland St. has been owned by the city for at least two years. Main Street Wellington stores its cheese trailer in the driveway.

Bids to demolish two buildings located at 510 Courtland St. are being accepted by Wellington officials.

The old log home with an addition built on dates back to the 1940s. The village purchased the land, which includes a vacant lot, a couple of years ago during a foreclosure.

After having the property for roughly two years, village officials are looking for someone who wants to salvage and reuse some of the wood before tearing down the house.

That job might alternately be done by Wellington workers, said village manager Steve Pyles.

“If it’s less for the village to do it, we’ll do it,” he said. “We won’t be salvaging much out of it. We’ll just be tearing it down and putting it in dumpsters and hauling it away, so we’d like to have somebody salvage it if possible.”

Pyles said the decision to tear down the old house isn’t so much because it’s blighted but more because it’s adjacent to the Greenwood Cemetery.

“The idea is that it will provide room for the cemetery to expand as needed,” Pyles said.

Main Street Wellington has stored its cheese trailer in the driveway on Courtland. Otherwise the property hasn’t been used for years.

Harold Sumpter, vice chair of Main Street Wellington, said the organization has an agreement with the cemetery and can leave the trailer parked there until the building is torn down.

He is unsure where Main Street will move the trailer to next but it has in the past been stored at the Lorain County Fairgrounds.

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