No more 2-hour delays, Wellington Schools super says

By Jason Hawk -

Wellington Schools superintendent Dennis Mock

Wellington Schools superintendent Dennis Mock

No two-hour delays.

That’s the pledge Wellington Schools superintendent Dennis Mock is making this winter as cold weather sets in.

He wrestled with 19 two-hour delays last year as head of the Genoa Schools on the Lake Erie shore in Ottawa County.

“We had so much snow that year, freezing rain, and fog. I think in the fall we had four or five two-hour delays for fog,” he said. “Then winter came with its snow and in the spring we were back to fog again.”

Pushing back school start times is disruptive for students and parents alike, Mock told the Enterprise.

That was the consensus at a recent meeting of Lorain County superintendents where the calamity day issue was raised.

“Last year, they had implemented that they would try not to have or limit the number of two-hour delays because of the effect on the JVS and students who were being shared between districts for special needs,” Mock said.

He said the result of a late start is havoc as parents try to find proper supervision for their children from relatives and neighbors, often building animosity in the process.

Wellington will use two calamity days scheduled in early December as part of the move to the new McCormick Middle School.

Friday, Dec. 4 and Monday, Dec. 7 have been set aside so staff can move from the old building, which will open Dec. 8.

A statewide switch means calamity days are now counted in hours instead of actual days. Mock said that will make absorbing the use of two days much easier.

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Wellington Schools superintendent Dennis Mock Schools superintendent Dennis Mock

By Jason Hawk