Children learn about everyday heroes

Janet Frye, head of the children’s reading program, shows Jayce Bollin the activities at the librarian table.

Gianna Astley makes a raccoon mask at a table about trash collectors.

Beth Leiby helps her son Reece put together a puzzle at the firefighter table.

Barbra Mohrman helps her grandson Douglas read a book while her other grandson Matthew writes a letter at the letter carrier table.

Volunteer Sarah Kluever helps Camryn and Jonah Stump at the librarian table.

Hal Mills and his granddaughter Kallie Bacho pose together after she finished decorating her pencil at the teacher table.

Stella Campbell and Gabriella Crock put beads on the pipe cleaners they’re going to use to decorate pencils.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

Children participating in the Herrick Memorial Library summer reading program learned Thursday about community heroes. Janet Frye, head of the children’s program, set up seven tables with information and activities related to local heroes and what they do. Frye focused on police officers, firefighters, refuse workers, teachers, librarians, nurses, and postal workers.