THE BREAKDOWN: Election turnout way up for Wellington, rest of Ohio

By Jason Hawk -

While the polls may have looked empty last Tuesday and long waits were rare, voter turnout was actually quite high.

In Wellington, 40 percent of registered voters — that’s 1,240 out of 3,066 who could have potentially cast ballots — showed up at the polls or voted absentee.

The Lorain County turnout rate was just a fraction above 41 percent, with 80,317 voting.

And across Ohio, 41.84 percent of the state’s 7.5 million voters cast ballots.

That’s a far cry from what we saw this past spring.

The May primary was a dismal affair. Less than nine percent of Wellington voters bothered to take part and engagement countywide only hit 11.75 percent (19,314 ballots).

No state in the Union broke 60 percent in the November 2014 election, which nationwide was the worst in 72 years. Ohio hit 36.2 percent in the midterms but less than a third in New York, Texas, and California (the three largest states) showed up.

High-stakes races certainly helped boost this fall’s numbers: In Wellington, 1,197 ballots were cast as the village decided on the mayoral showdown between Hans Schneider and Patti Young.


We know which way the winds blew on Ohio’s big three decisions: Gerrymandering was struck a blow as Issue 1 passed with 71.5 percent approval; Issue 2 enacted anti-monopoly measures for future ballot issues but only got a bare majority (51.7 percent); and marijuana legalization was killed with a resounding 64.1 percent opposition at the polls.

But were those numbers reflected here in Wellington?

Actually, voters here were more resolute. On redistricting, 75 percent of Amherst voters approved of having a bipartisan committee redraw lines. On monopoly controls, 55 percent were in favor.

And when it came to Issue 3 and pot, only 31 percent wanted legalization while 69 percent said no.

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By Jason Hawk