Big support for Wellington’s Spirit of ‘76 Museum at polls

By Kelsey Leyva -

Spirit of 76’ Musuem board vice president Scott Markel

Spirit of 76’ Musuem board vice president Scott Markel

Keeping the lights on and maintaining the exhibits in the Spirit of 76’ Museum in Wellington won’t be an issue now that its operating levy has been renewed.

Unofficial voting results posted Tuesday by the Lorain County Board of Elections show the levy renewal getting nearly 67 percent of the vote. Records show 1,122 people voted in favor of the renewal while 560 opposed it.

The 0.3-mill levy renewal is projected to generate $33,336 a year, according to Lorain County auditor records. That means it would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $8.37 a year.

Museum board president Scott Markel said he is thrilled the levy was renewed for an additional five years. He felt fairly confident the levy would pass.

“I don’t want to seem overly confident but we’ve got a pretty good base of supporters down this way and when the time comes they support us,” he said.

With passage, Markel said the museum has a little bit of breathing room now and there are a few new projects the board plans to work toward.

He said the museum is working with the Lorain County Visitors Bureau to bring tour buses to southern Lorain County.

“We’re not going to be their destination but we’re going to be a stop on the way to their destination,” he said.

The museum is also planning to have a special exhibit for the Republican National Convention.

“We’ll probably develop some sort of presidential or political display with a local flair to it at that time,” Markel said.

The visitors bureau is setting up tours during the time of the convention and the museum is one stop during the visit.

Markel said the 200th anniversary of the founding of Wellington in 2018 is also something the board wants to highlight. Modernizing the museum will be a primary focus moving forward.

“It’s time to expand our horizons,” he said. “Now that I’ve told everybody about the jewel in southern Lorain county everybody wants to come and see it.”

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Spirit of 76’ Musuem board vice president Scott Markel of 76’ Musuem board vice president Scott Markel

By Kelsey Leyva