FIVE QUESTIONS: Wellington mayoral candidate Patti Young

Patti Young

Patti Young

Age: 66

Current employment: Owner/manager at Wellington Implement Co.

1) What do you want to accomplish as mayor of Wellington in the next four years?

Maintain fiscal responsibility by meeting regularly with village’s administrator, finance director, and department managers to ensure expenses do not exceed income.

Develop our youth by taking an active role and working with school administrators to create pathways for community members to help young people develop self-esteem. With a positive program, our youth will be less likely to turn to destructive activities to “feel good.” Children perform better in new schools and we have additional opportunities in the performing arts at the Lindley Center. I will actively look for volunteer activities that are available or could be developed through the village for our youth.

Create “Bicentennial Park” once the school demolition is completed. With community input, we will plan a centerpiece for our village, with formal dedication in 2018 during our 200th birthday year celebration.

Communication of our village information needs to be expanded on social media to reach all generations.

2) How will you go about growing the local economy and making Wellington’s tax base stronger?

First priority is to ensure companies already located here thrive and expand. As a business owner, I will continue to communicate with local businesses. Together we will identify issues where the village can assist in bringing the right people and organizations to the table to collaborate and find solutions.

Wellington already has policies in place that should be better utilized to boost our economy. Some programs need refining to encourage people to spend their dollars here. When local businesses are supported and thriving, it encourages others to locate here. Growing businesses also attract families with good jobs to settle here.

3) Village department heads have voiced concerns over losing skilled workers to neighboring cities and companies. What is your plan for retaining highly-qualified workers without breaking the budget?

As an HR person at my company, I find employees leave due to lack of experience with other employers. We can create a competitive scale appropriate for us, paying attention to the communication of total benefits package, the employee’s value to the community, and appreciation of the work he/she does.

4) Why do you think you are the best candidate to lead the village as mayor? What experience or unique qualifications make you the ideal candidate?

I bring to the position a fresh perspective. We are at an important crossroads where a person with a varied background with broad experience will help Wellington take advantage of the opportunities that are at our doorstep. I have worked in business and communication and have over 25 years of experience in managing employees and working with budgets. Serving on boards within the county in leadership roles has shown me that a can-do, positive attitude is essential. Attending council meetings has allowed me to familiarize myself with procedures and issues and has educated me about the work of our council.

5) Where do you think resources should be shifted to better serve the residents and why? For example: More police officers? Community development? Improved roads? Training?

Our resources do not need to be shifted but instead need to be enhanced. We need to continue, and look for ways to improve upon, our services for senior citizens in Wellington; our infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, and utilities; the services we provide all residents such as well-trained policemen, firefighters and EMS; and services we take for granted such as good quality water, reliable utilities, road maintenance, and repair. This puts a positive face upon our community when new businesses are looking to relocate here. Developing and maintaining new attractions, unique to Wellington, would bring new and repeat visitors.

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