GRADUATION: Black River graduation photo gallery!

Logan Goff helps keynote speaker Rachel Strader use a selfie stick to take a picture with the class before her speech.

Some of the graduates join the band to play a medley from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack.

Valedictorian Logan Goff gives his speech about the importance of memories and how the class became a family.

Hunter Mobley shakes Dan Sexton’s hand and receives his diploma.

Autumn Hord smiles as she reaches to accept her diploma.

Ryan Slone accepts his diploma.

Jamie Hozan smiles as she shakes Jody Weidrick’s hand and receives her diploma.

Jeremy Minnich smiles as he walks across the stage after being handed his diploma.

Sully Keller shakes Jody Weidrick’s hand.

Twins Samantha and Erin Heilman wait in the auditorium before the Black River commencement ceremony begins.

Lizzy Beard attempts to pin up Chen Shengru’s gown so it doesn’t drag on the floor.

Gregory Priddy Jr., Sully Keller, and Joshua Chapman talk in the auditorium before the ceremony.

Ashley Modic, Samantha Seiber, and Danielle Jenkins wait to enter the gym.

Russell Bell and Justin Beltowski strike a pose while waiting to walk to the gymnasium.

Jordan Vormelker and Joe Wade wait for their shot to walk.

Debi Carver gives the Class of 2015 instructions before walking to the gymnasium.

Valedictorian and class president Logan Goff practices the turning of the tassel with his fellow classmates.

The Black River High School band plays “Pomp and Circumstance” as graduates walk in.

The Black River High School chorale sings “Fix You” by Coldplay.

Rachael Strader gives the keynote address.

Superintendent Chris Clark shakes Jeffrey Tutie’s hand.

Members of the Class of 2015 turn their tassels at the end of the ceremony.

Elizabeth Rogers, Victoria Smart, and Emily Zumack pose for pictures after the ceremony.

Graduate Jeffrey Tutie poses with his parents after the ceremony.

Jared Herbert, Jillian Herbert, Bethany Herbert, Allison Herbert, and Holly Herbert take a family picture after the graduation ceremony.

Tucker Estep and James Dalgleish meet up after the graduation ceremony.

Andrew Duche, Jordan Best, Glen Crabtree, and Logan Norton pose.

Jeffrey Tutie and keynote speaker Rachael Strader take pictures together after the ceremony.

Couple Noah Harrison and Shawna Clark meet up after the graduation ceremony.

Superintendent Chris Clark congratulates Robert Stasick.

Photos by Kelsey Leyva | Wellington Enterprise

Eighty-seven seniors crossed the stage and received diplomas Friday from Black River High School. Here is the ceremony in photos!