WHS class of 1945 reunites for the last time

By Kelsey Leyva - kleyva@civitasmedia.com

Seventy years after graduating, the Wellington High School Class of 1945 will gather Saturday for its last big get-together.

Richard Reed, 88, is one of the 53 students in his graduating class. He’s a member of the committee planning the 70th class reunion at the Oberlin Inn and doubts another big reunion will come.

“It’s a lot of work,” Reed said. “And there’s less of us all the time.”

Of the original 53 in the class, Reed said only about 25 are left. Twenty-three people plan to attend but not all those were once classmates.

Reed said his class typically has a big reunion every five years. By 2020, most of his former classmates will be 93 years old.

Cost is also a factor in why Reed doesn’t foresee another gathering at the Oberlin Inn in five years. Extra donations on top of the $25 per-person charge helped make the event possible.

Despite the unlikeliness of a another large reunion, Reed said he still expects some of the members of his class to get together once a year on the first Friday after Labor Day.

In the past, the Class of 1945 has gotten together at Michelle’s Cafe in LaGrange. Reed said the small, sit-down gathering is easier to manage because it requires very little planning and all those who attend pay their own bill.

Reed said the class has remained pretty close over the years and he is proud that it’s coming together after being out of high school for so long.

“I’ve looked in the newspaper and I’ll see the class of so-and-so is going to have a reunion and the number of years is nowhere close to ours,” he said.

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By Kelsey Leyva