Last day of school

Brianna Walter, Miranda McDonnell, Russell Esterly, and Russell Esterly spend time together outside the school.

Megan Twining and Rachelle Brown are excited for summer to begin.

Mitchell Stinson, Dylan Meadows, Casey Lewis, and Misti Stinson enjoy one last lunch at Wellington High School.

Photos by Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

Students at Wellington High School enjoyed their last day of school on Thursday. The Enterprise asked a few students to name their favorite and least favorite parts of the year.

Casey Lewis

“My least favorite thing is the anxiety leading up to the last bell.”

Mitchell Stinson

“My least favorite thing is the exams.”

Misti Stinson

“My favorite thing is what comes next… summer.”

Megan Twining

“My least favorite thing is the teachers leaving.”

Rachelle Brown

“My least favorite thing is taking that last exam. My favorite part is cleaning out my locker. It’s a symbol of being done.”

Kaitlyn Garrett

“My favorite thing is getting out early.”

Brianna Walter

“(My favorite thing is) bonding with our new FFA officer team.”

Miranda McDonnell

“My favorite thing is I can consider myself a junior.”

Russell Esterly

“My favorite thing is no more school.”

Emily Gilbert

“I’m looking forward to going on vacation to Nevada.”

Richard Maurer

“My favorite thing is finally leaving and my least favorite thing is the exams.”