LORAIN COUNTY FAIR: In a milking moooooood

Photos by Laurie Hamame | AIM Media Midwest

Milking stools and silver buckets have long since passed out of use and modern commercial dairy farmers use milking machines, explained Megan Timmons of Loudenville. We spotted her next to Hollywood, her Holstein cow, in the Lorain County Fair’s milking parlor. Holsteins produce more milk than any other dairy breed in the United States — 60 to 100 pounds per day, or roughly seven to 12 gallons. Most cows are milked in the morning and the evening, but some farms milk them three times per day. Milk travels through a line and filter before dumping into a bulk tank where it is stored and kept cold until picked up by a milk tanker. It then travels to a processing plant and is homogenized, pasteurized, and bottled. Timmons has been drinking milk straight from the tank her entire life. She’s aware of the risks of drinking unpasteurized milk but said the four-percent milk is even richer than the whole milk found in grocery stores and has a thick milkshake taste she knows and loves.