Fire burns acre of wheat at Bonnie Brae

By Jonathan Delozier -

A fire engulfed an acre of wheat Monday afternoon at Rochester’s Bonnie Brae Elk Farm, 27717 Quarry Rd., but was extinguished with no reported injuries, including to the site’s approximately 100 animals.

Wellington firefighters arrived at the scene at approximately 3 p.m. to aid their Rochester counterparts and found a large blaze suspected to be caused by a malfunctioning combine.

The fire took 30 minutes to put out and did not damage any buildings or structures, said Wellington assistant fire chief Bill Brown.

“Some of the older combine machines have parts clanging together and that causes sparks,” he said. “There wasn’t even much damage to the combine itself. It’s a huge complex and it was difficult at first to narrow down where the fire had started.”

The 500-acre farm has been owned by the same family across more than 100 years and three generations. Venison meat and elk antler-derived products are manufactured on site.

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By Jonathan Delozier