Police tiered pay frozen

By Jonathan Delozier - jdelozier@aimmediamidwest.com



A tiered pay system approved for police in December is frozen effective immediately, per a Monday vote by Wellington village council.

The move came in response to questions regarding fairness of pay scales across all departments and will be revisited once a study determines if a village-wide tiered system is possible, according to officials.

Akron-based consulting firm Clemans Nelson & Associates is now conducting that work.

Police tiered pay was set to cost the village roughly $25,000 annually but the price of such a system for all village employees has not yet been pinpointed.

Guy Wells was the only member of council to vote against the freeze.

Police chief Tim Barfield advocated for pay reform in his department for the majority of 2017 after experiencing mass turnover among officers who found higher-paying jobs in other communities.

He said the old pay system also created large disparities between officers doing similar work.

“Do I like it? I don’t think anyone likes it,” he said after council instated the freeze. “But I believe council gets it and is trying to work through a short-term snafu to continue on with this tiered system and to ultimately stabilize the system across the board. There’s a real value in having people who’ve been around for a long time. The village understands that, understands people, and understands the mission of the Wellington police department.”

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By Jonathan Delozier