Board declares full confidence in Weber

By Jonathan Delozier -



A statement declaring “full confidence” in superintendent Ed Weber has been made by the Wellington board of education.

It comes in the wake of a no-confidence vote April 17 by the Wellington Education Association and Wellington Support Staff during a public meeting. Both unions accused Weber of overruling disciplinary measures taken by school staff, avoiding transparency in the disciplinary process, and jeopardizing building safety.

It is the third time a no-confidence vote has been taken in a Wellington Schools superintendent.

In their response, board members said they believe “Weber has acted professionally and with due diligence regarding the issues cited by the union representatives. We believe the discipline concerns in question have been communicated to the board by superintendent Weber along with their ongoing or final resolutions, many of which are required to be dealt with in compliance to Ohio and federal laws.”

Weber said he does not plan to resign and is in Wellington for the long haul.

“I’ve worked for 10-plus years in all of the jobs I’ve had, from South Euclid to Cleveland to Wellington,” he said. “It is my intention, as it was when I was hired, to turn this district around. In my mind, I’m here for 10 years or more. I knew it would be difficult and come with headwinds. There’s also great rewards, and we’ve seen early indicators that the district’s position is letting our children be more successful in the curriculum and achieving their chosen dreams. I’m definitely here until I can achieve that mission.”

School board president Kevin Stump and board member Brett Murner have formed a committee to attempt to address the unions’ concerns.

Weber said a “productive” meeting between the committee and union presidents has already occurred and another is planned for the near future.

“Part of the union concern was that they felt like the board wasn’t being given all the information,” he said. “From what Kevin and Brett said, they’ve been well-briefed on all of the items the teachers had to present. I don’t know if these meetings will become regular, but another meeting can always be scheduled if some feel there’s more to address.”

While announcing the no-confidence vote in Weber, teachers said they’ve witnessed numerous instances of assault and bullying by students toward their peers and teachers since the start of this school year.

The district has begun to implement measures to combat those situations including the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, which is set to roll out next fall after district-wide training occurs over the summer.

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By Jonathan Delozier