Black River victims can report bullying online

Staff Report

Harassment, intimidation, and bullying can now be reported anonymously online by students at the Black River Schools.

“The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority,” said superintendent Chris Clark. “This additional security measure will allow students to anonymously report any school threats, harassment, intimidation or bullying incidents from the privacy of their computer or mobile phone.”

A new school alert system can be accessed at by selecting the School Alert tab; or directly at

It allows students to report details of threats or incidents including the date, any physical injury, and a summary of what happened.

When a tip is reported, it is automatically emailed to at least two administrators — one who conducts the investigation and one who oversees the investigation.

“We hope that this added safety system helps students feel comfortable reporting any incidents, allowing our district to take a proactive approach to the safety and security of our students,” said Clark. “It is always our top priority to provide our students and staff a safe environment to work, learn, and grow. We encourage students to speak up if they witness an incident that makes them uncomfortable and most importantly if you see something, say something.”

In addition to the school alert system, students can contact the Safer Schools Hotline at 844-723-3764.

Staff Report