Village street study to begin soon

By Jonathan Delozier -



A study of Wellington’s streets will be conducted this spring by the Poggemeyer Design Group, the first villagewide road assessment performed in nearly a decade.

Poggemeyer will be paid $8,000 to perform the study with the intent of creating a prioritized list of needed repairs and resurfacing projects.

“The village used to do this every two to three years and we want to get back on that kind of cycle,” said village manager Steve Dupee. “We’re going to look at the majority of streets in town but not ones that have already been resurfaced in the past eight to 10 years.”

The streets will be rated according to condition before the state of their underground utilities are also evaluated, which will all factor in before the final repair list is put on paper.

Once the list is in hand, improvement projects will be carried out over a span of roughly five years, Dupee said.

Public works superintendent Bob Brasee said Elm Street is already in the village’s sights for an eventual overhaul.

“Streets always look worse than they really are this time of the year,” he said. “Putting some asphalt on Elm could buy us some time, but it’s going to need more work. Just doing the east end of Elm could really help out a lot.”

Pavement replacement is already slated for Dickson, Union, and Prospect Streets as well as the Herrick Memorial Library’s parking lot at a collective cost of nearly $100,000, with work expected to begin in May.

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By Jonathan Delozier