Could third time be the charm for Bughman?

By Kelsey Leyva -

Mark Bughman is throwing his hat into the ring for a third and final time in an attempt to win the hearts of the voters and earn a seat on Wellington village council.

Bughman came very close to earning a seat on council when he ran in 2013 but came up short by 19 votes. Guy Wells, Hans Schneider, Jeffrey Hyde, and Sandy Denes instead made the cut for the four open seats.

Voter turnout has hurt his bids in the past, Bughman believes.

“That’s really tough to try and control,” Bughman said. “The last time that voters voted on city council was one of the lowest voting turnouts in Wellington’s history.”

According to the Lorain County Board of Elections, approximately 2,553 votes were cast in the 2013 election. Bughman received 409 while Wells received the next-lowest total at 428.

Bughman said his platform is the same it’s always been: To make sure infrastructure, like the electric, water, and public works departments, are taken care of and that money is being spent wisely.

Having worked at the wastewater treatment plant in the village under the leadership of current superintendent Mark Rosemark, Bughman believes he has a solid base of knowledge to bring to council.

The local businessman was also born and raised in Wellington. He’s always had a home in the village but still traveled the country and lived in Columbus for 17 years. He came back to his home town in 2001.

He is a firm believer that politics and personal relationships shouldn’t mix.

“When you walk up in that room there are no friends,” he said. “It should always be what’s right for the community.”

Bughman said the past two elections did leave him a bit discouraged, but he’s willing to give it one more shot.

“I wasn’t really going to run but some of the people who are prominent in this town said, “We want you to run again,” so I guess I’m going to make one more effort and just see how the cards lay.”

Three positions are up for reelection this year, including Wells’ seat and council members Helen Dronsfield and Steve Mauer’s seats.

Hyde recently told fellow council members and mayor Barbra O’Keefe he will resign at the end of the year. That means a total of four positions will need to be filled.

If Schneider wins the mayoral election, five seats will need to be filled.

The deadline to file for non-partisan Wellington elections came after press time Wednesday.

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By Kelsey Leyva