Video shows Schneider is most qualified for mayor

To the editor:

This Nov. 3, the voters in Wellington have the chance to elect a new mayor. I would ask all of you to vote for Hans Schneider for our next mayor. I have served as a council member with Hans for the last eight years. Hans is very dedicated and has the knowledge to be our next mayor. He is very well informed as to what is going on in our village and what else needs to be done.

If you have not watched the videos of both candidates speeches from candidate’s night please do so. You can go to his Facebook page (Hans M. Schneider) to watch them or go to YouTube (search for Hans Schneider, Candidates Night). After watching the videos there should be no doubt that Hans Schneider should be our next mayor. Patti Young said lots of “I’ve been thinking” about things like bike paths and bike racks for downtown. Nothing in her speech about the new substation, solar fields, or other pertinent issues for the village during her speech. This is because she is not informed and only started coming to council meetings in September.

We need a mayor who will be more involved with the operation of the village. This involves dealing with our current village administrator and making sure everything is communicated whether it is to the residents, to the employees, or making sure council is informed on all matters. Currently this does not happen.

Hans supported the underpass project as did the vast majority of the residents in the village. Patti and many of her supporters worked against the underpass despite the overwhelming support from the community. Their actions caused unnecessary delays and increased costs that our community did not need to go through.

Hans is the most qualified candidate to be the next mayor of Wellington. After watching those videos and looking at their qualifications, I’m sure you’ll agree. On Nov. 3, please vote for Hans M. Schneider as our next mayor.

Steve Maurer

Wellington Village Councilman