Adams Street work may depend on outside funding

By Jonathan Delozier -

A $1.45 million complete replacement of pavement and sanitary sewer utilities on Adams Street will hopefully begin in June but is awaiting approval of crucial outside funds.

In plans formulated by the Poggemeyer Design Group, the project would close vehicular access to the street for approximately 10 days, said village manager Steve Dupee.

“That’s an expected schedule, but it’s hard to say at this point,” he said. “You never know what kind of things you’ll run into or uncover during construction.”

All street and sidewalk pavement will be replaced in the first line of major work on either front since at least 1982 and the first full street replacement since 1964, said Doug Nusser of Poggemeyer.

“The closure will be two separate five-day periods,” he said. “Normally, what will happen is half of the street is replaced at one time. Sometimes residents will share parking with a neighbor across the street.”

New sanitary sewer amenities will be placed about two feet closer to the surface in order to create easier access for future repair projects. The current structure lies 14 feet underground.

Nusser added that it’s suspected the storm sewer, which isn’t being replaced, was used as a combination sewer in the past.

“It was separated at some time in the past because there is a sanitary sewer there now,” he said. “The sanitary sewer is in terrible condition according to the village. The storm sewer is actually in very good condition considering its suspected age.”

He said the storm sewer existed prior to 1964 but its exact age is unclear.

Wellington received $350,000 in funds from the Ohio Public Works Commission for the project in 2015, half of which is a loan and the other half a grant.

Other funding is being sought from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in the form of two low-interest loans. Wellington has been put into the nomination process to receive the funding, but must submit completed designs and receive bids for construction work before it can officially apply.

Dupee said Wellington not receiving those loans could cloud the project’s timetable and the village would turn to the Ohio Water Department Authority in that scenario.

“No, in my opinion if the village doesn’t receive funds it will be difficult,” he said. “They can look to the OWDA for loans. That would probably be the next step in this process.”

There are no plans to ask village residents for help at this point.

Another part of the project is a $130,000 replacement of the water line running from Adams Street to Elm Street, which is included in the overall cost.

Submission of the completed plans to the Ohio EPA is expected by New Year’s and bidding for the project should be open by February.

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By Jonathan Delozier