Vanya Hales is Wellington’s new finance director

By Catherine Gabe -

Vanya Hales

Vanya Hales

Wellington has selected a new finance director.

Vanya Hales, former office manager for the finance department, replaces Karen Shaw, who announced her resignation as director the end of 2015.

Shaw’s husband accepted a promotion, which required relocating to St. Louis, Mo.

Council approved Hales’ appointment at its meeting Tuesday. Hales sat in on the meeting, but her first official day on the job was last Wednesday.

Hales will be paid $55,000 per year in the finance director position. She has worked for the village for 17 years, the last four of them as office manager.

She was among the final three candidates for the job when Shaw was hired four and a half years ago.

Another office manager will not be named at this time. Hales said officials are instead looking for a finance associate.

“I’m excited, totally excited,” Hales said prior to her appointment. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to advance.”

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Vanya Hales Hales

By Catherine Gabe