Bids out for below-grade work on new Erie Street electrical substation

By Catherine Gabe -

Right now there’s a gravel lot on Erie Street, but come Lorain County Fair time a new electrical substation will rise on Wellington’s west side.

Village council has approved advertising for bids to begin below-grade subsurface/structural installations for an estimated $595,000 in work.

The work is part of the new $2.1 million electrical substation project.

“We did a strategic planning process with engineers and council and this was number one on our list to handle potential growth and improve reliability,” said village manager Steve Pyles.

The subsurface work includes undercutting, soil removal, stabilizing soil, and placing concrete piers to support the towers.

“This is the foundation to support all the above-ground stuff,” Pyles said, emphasizing its importance in anchoring the entire project.

The work is expected to start in late spring. Some will be done by village employees, including grounding all the conduits below the surface. The majority of work will be done by the contractors, Pyles said.

By mid-May, the transformer should be delivered and placed using large cranes.

“We should be close to operation around fair time,” said Pyles. That is when the system is stressed because of heat and extra load from fair use. “It’s the time when the electrical system is really being tested,” he said.

“We will certainly be finished by the calendar year,” he said.

Wellington already has two substations. Both are at design capacity.

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By Catherine Gabe