Mayor: Tax agency’s data loss doesn’t impact Wellington

Staff Report

There is no cause for Wellington residents to worry about their data with regard to an incident at the Regional Income Tax Agency offices, mayor Hans Schneider says.

A DVD containing sensitive tax information was found missing in November from the tax offices. It most likely contained backup copies of income tax documents submitted to RITA prior to June 2012, including Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and possibly dates of birth, as well as financial information.

Approximately 50,000 people whose tax information is held by RITA were sent a letter warning about the data breach.

But Wellington turned over its income tax operations to RITA in 2013, which means no village tax documents could have been on the disc.

“The dates are prior to our relationship with RITA so we are not aware of any residents that are or would be affected,” Schneider told the Enterprise.

Anyone with questions about the lost disc should not call the village. Visit or call 866-940-3613.

Staff Report