Mosey Inn could be labeled a ‘nuisance’ following stabbing and 58 other incidents that drew police

By Catherine Gabe -

Chief Tim Barfield

Chief Tim Barfield

Is the Mosey Inn a nuisance?

That’s the question Wellington village council asked Monday. A Dec. 28 stabbing and melee there, combined with a long history with police, is prompting officials to consider a nuisance abatement ordinance.

Police responded 59 times in 2015 to various incidents at the Mosey Inn.

Calls to the North Main Street bar included assaults, disorderly conduct, fights, theft, domestic violence, threats, harassment, and noise complaints, said police chief Tim Barfield.

“We had quite an array of things there,” he said, including the Dec. 28 stabbing, which resulted in a felonious assault charge against Jeremiah Donovan, 28, of Elyria.

It also resulted in life-threatening injuries for Bradley Estep, 26, of Wellington, and response from five Wellington police officers, backup from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, firefighters, and emergency medical help.

“This was a relatively serious incident in town,” Barfield said, praising the work of the support team. “Had it not been for their work, the doctor told us this man would have died.”

Nuisance abatements can impact those places that “attract our attention regularly,” by fining them for man hours or responses to a particular location, including residences, Barfield said.

Council president Guy Wells referred to this as a “frequent flyer” program.

Prior to this, many criminal activities at bars have been classified as “tavern incidents” in police records. That term prompted council to ask what exactly that means.

Barfield has pondered that and he’s decided it’s an outdated term that should be tossed from the books this year.

“A tavern incident may have been something they thought was important, like fistfights,” Barfield said at the police committee meeting Monday. “But if we go to a tavern and it’s a fight, it’s a fight. We file it as disorderly conduct or a fight. If you want to call a guy being stabbed multiple times a ‘tavern incident,’ I think it probably qualifies differently.”

However it’s classified, council is asking law director Steve Bonds to begin reviewing nuisance abatements for council to consider.

“There was a lot of personnel involved in that,” Barfield said referring to the felonious assault. “And while that was going on, someone could have been having a heart attack.”

No one stepped forward to speak on the Mosey Inn’s behalf during Monday’s meeting.

We called the bar for comment and found the phone number has been disconnected. It was closed at deadline Tuesday.

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Chief Tim Barfield Tim Barfield

By Catherine Gabe