Council votes to bid work for left turn signal at Wellington’s Herrick and Main streets

By Catherine Gabe -

Steve Pyles

Steve Pyles

Hurry up and wait might soon be a thing of the past.

Council voted last Monday to approve a contract to bid work for a signal upgrade at the busy intersection of Wellington’s Herrick and Main streets.

The project is expected to be bid this winter and includes a dedicated left turn signal and pedestrian signals.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will spend $168,000 with the village contributing $118,000 to the project.

“There is a good chance the project will come in under bid estimates,” village manager Steve Pyles wrote in a report to council.

Delaying the project would be no guarantee of additional funds from other sources, he said, while construction inflation would likely increase project costs.

“The intersection to be improved has been identified as one of the top risk intersections in the district (ODOT District III), the project will improve pedestrian and driver safety while facilitating traffic flow,” Pyles wrote.

At a utility committee meeting the same night, council president Guy Wells asked Pyles to check into the countdown clock at the crossroads’ crosswalk.

He said he’s read too many stories about complaints from people who have to listen to the talking and beeping of countdown clocks. “I’d just as soon not have that,” Wells said.

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By Catherine Gabe