State audit shows Wellington finances improving in 2013-2014

Staff Report

A two-year state audit of Wellington’s finances shows $424,768 in growth.

That’s how far forward the village’s net position moved in 2014, according to the analysis by Perry & Associates of Marietta for Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost’s office.

It cost roughly $14 million to run the village and its services last year, up from $13.2 million in 2013.

Yet the audit noted growth of $191,623 last year in the general fund (day-to-day operations), $180,564 in capital improvements, and $52,609 in other governmental funds.

Taking a hit were business-type activities – that’s water, sewer, and other services the village sells to residents – which dropped $100,162, even though Wellington sold $41,015 more in electricity.

In a “Current Issues” section of the audit, preparers noted that $676,207 was paid in 2013 to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the village’s share of creating a new railway underpass on Rt. 58.

Other big investment costs include upgrades to the village wastewater treatment plant and initial engineering for Barker Street paving and waterline fixes on Johns Street.

Wellington ended 2014 with a net position of $7.94 million.

Staff Report