Wellington author on anxiety, bipolar disorder: ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’

By Kelsey Leyva - kleyva@civitasmedia.com

<p style="text-align: center;">Ashlynn Stone

Ashlynn Stone

Sharing her struggles to help others was the aim of Wellington author Ashlynn Stone when she wrote her book “Lithium Realm: My Bipolar Hell.”

Stone transformed her personal journal in a book after writing four years worth of entries.

“After I got about 75 pages into it I realized it could be something that would be helpful to other people, so that’s when I turned it into a book,” she said.

It took her about a year of compiling and editing before she was ready to show “Lithium Realm” to the world. Her book became available online Sept. 23 through Kindle Direct Publishing.

In its pages, Stone tells the story of her struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety before she was properly medicated. It includes details about the New York native’s battle with self-harm, depression, heavy drug use, and the swinging lifestyle.

Stone said her anxiety isn’t 100 percent controlled but writing the book, counseling, and taking medication has helped her heal.

“I just want people to know they’re not alone,” she said. “I’ve experienced so much and gone through so much that I know other people or their loved ones could relate to it and find there is light at the end of the runnel.”

Severe spinal stenosis, arthritis of the lower back, three herniated disks, and a nerve and muscle condition prevent Stone from working and limit her to about an hour a day of sitting and typing, which is why she considers writing a hobby.

Stone’s already in the process of writing her second book, which focuses on her twin nephews Bryce and Baen Hurst.

She plans to tell the story of their struggle with Hurler syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the way long chains of sugar molecules are broken down for disposal within the body.

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Ashlynn Stone


Ashlynn Stone

By Kelsey Leyva